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Consumer Reports

The core of HHIC’s mission is our commitment to improving the health of the people of Hawaii. Given the rapidly evolving healthcare delivery system and its significant impact on all individuals, we see an increasing need for healthcare data and information community-wide and aspire to help fill the current void.

The extensive research and analytics experience of our team, combined with HHIC’s unbiased role as a source of healthcare information, put us in a unique position to help shed light on and educate the community about important health topics and trends.

HHIC Insight is an online compilation of topic briefs highlighting major and trending healthcare policies, health conditions, health outcomes, healthcare sector challenges, and other “healthcare happenings.” Written by the HHIC analytics team (unless otherwise indicated), each Hawaii-centric topic brief provides a general overview of the topic, discusses its impact to affected groups within the community, and includes key data.

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