HHIC Data Express - State

HHIC Data Express is a collection of pre-designed public use files based on aggregated Hawaii healthcare utilization data. These public use files are intended for small-scale researchers with limited funding, and who do not require record-level or more detailed data.

All HHIC Data Express Reports Include:

  • One complete calendar year
  • Most recent data available: most recent complete calendar year minus one (up to 2012)
  • Top 50 reasons for hospitalization (defined by APR-DRGs) by total discharges statewide
  • Total discharges inpatient or ER visits
  • Total charges inpatient or ER
  • Average charge per inpatient discharge or ER visit
  • Average length of stay (IP only)

HHIC State-Level Includes:

  • State of Hawaii
  • Time period of inpatient discharges or ER visits
  • Reason for inpatient hospitalization or ER visit
  • Utilization metrics for each APR-DRG
  • Top 50 reasons for inpatient hospitalization or ER visit
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