HHIC Online Reports

HHIC’s reporting portal. Application that gives the user full control over report content and is available 24/7. It offers a variety of reporting templates around topics of key interest including: market share comparisons, top reasons for hospitalization, utilization trends, primary payers, healthcare conditions, population-based rates.

  • Inpatient Database All-payer database for all acute care discharges
  • ER Database All-payer database of all hospital-based emergency department encounters
  • Readmissions Database 30-day readmissions based on 3M’s Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPRs)
  • Moms and Babies Database Linked moms and babies inpatient admissions

Subscription to HHIC Online Reports is available only to hospital data providers, payers, authorized government agencies.


HHIC First

HHIC Financial Intelligence Reports, Statistics and Trends is a report suite intended to support our hospital members by providing data and information integral for successful decision making in today’s constantly changing healthcare environment. Our current reports analyze the impact of various CMS inpatient payment rules and policies on Hawaii hospitals’ bottom line. All reports are tailored to the individual hospital, applying current (or in some cases, proposed) CMS policies to hospital-specific data. Some reports currently included in the suite include:

  • CMS Value-Based Purchasing Analysis
  • CMS Readmissions Reduction Program Analysis
  • CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Preview Analysis
  • CMS Wage and Occupational Mix Index Analysis
  • CMS-related legislative analyses

Analyses are produced monthly and are available to the respective hospital’s staff.

The HHIC FIRST report suite is hospital-specific and is only available to the respective hospital’s staff.

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HHIC DataBank

Web-based financial data collection query and reporting tool used to produce reports based on income statement, balance sheet and patient utilization data for all non-federal acute care facilities since 2003.

The secure customizable database offers comparable sources of data, such as charges and expenses per day or per stay uncollected charges, and profitability.

HHIC DataBank is available only to licensed member hospitals.


HHIC Compare

Compare Hawaii’s hospitals performance based on quality and cost, data powered by MONAHRQ.

HHIC Compare website was created using the MONAHRQ application developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

HHIC Compare is available only to licensed member hospitals.

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